Roy Vogt of Teach Me Bass Guitar

Roy Vogt has had an extensive 40-year+ career that has touched on various aspects of performance, study, and instruction. Focusing primarily on the electric bass, Vogt has taught university level bass instruction for more than 30 years, and has in fact earned a master’s degree in electric bass performance from the University of Miami.

Having played with many important names in the music business in hundreds of concerts around the world, Roy Vogt’s credentials are excellent. I feel this is important, because great players do not always make great teachers.

Roy has a really relaxed vibe, as you can see from the Teach Me Bass Guitar video, but he is very clear and does not waste time. He knows his stuff, and gets it across. Some players talk in circles or just do what they do without being able to articulate it very clearly, which is absolutely not the case with Roy Vogt. He is definitely the right man for the job for a course like this.

Roy Vogt in Teach Me Bass Guitar

Roy Vogt is able to fully utilize his wide range of experience in Teach Me Bass Guitar, giving you real world examples of HOW to use the various things you will learn in the course. It is one thing to learn a bunch of techniques, but another to have someone both explain and demonstrate how to use these techniques in actual live performance situations.

One example is the Nashville number system that is taught in Teach Me Bass Guitar along with traditional chord changes. Despite years of training and familiarity with how chord symbols work, I was never exposed to the Nashville number system as I had not dealt much with that area or style of music. However, knowing it opens up even more doorways an opportunities to play with different people in different parts of the world – something Roy Vogt has taken full advantage of.

Roy Vogt Full Bio

With a career spanning more than forty years, Roy Vogt’s list of career achievements is simply mind-boggling. Teaching at Belmont University for three decades, Roy has taught thousands of students at one of the only schools in the United States to offer a commercial music degree program. His alumni have recorded and toured around the world with music icons such as Lady Antebellum, Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood, Sir Tom Jones, Yanni, Little Texas, Chick Corea, and Michael W. Smith. He was the first person to ever be awarded a Masters Degree in the field of Electric Bass Performance. Not only that, but he received it from the University of Miami’s world-famous music school. Quite simply, Roy Vogt holds a unique place in the music world, having been pursuing the so-called “art of bass” since the 1970s.
During this forty-year career, Roy Vogt himself has either performed or recorded with a host of world-famous musicians, including Jerry Read, Larry Coryell, Charlie Daniels, Gerald Veasley, Tony Joe White, Victor Wooten, Dickey Betts, Dave Weckl, Englebert Humperdink, Tom Scott and the LA Express, Chet Atkins, BJ Thomas, Chester Thompson and Glenn Campbell. He has mentored many professionals within the industry, including the iconic Willie Weeks.

He has made appearances at the Montreaux Jazz Festibal, the Grand Ole Opry, MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, the London Palladium, and even the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia. Roy’s musical expertise includes country, rhythm and blues, punk, jazz, funk, and World Beat. His attention to detail and musical versatility are second to none. Always the consummate professional, Roy is internationally renowned as one of the fathers of electronic modern bass. He is also a successful arrange, music director, bank leader, and producer.

Roy Vogt first took up the guitar at aged 14 when in Texas, inspired by artists as diverse as Jack Casady, Noel Redding, and Jack Bruce. He played in a number of country, rock, and funk banks in the Dallas area until he joined the bank Aurora, who opened gigs for LA Express and Larry Coryel. His other credentials include being a bassist on a local television news magazine for the NBC affiliate WSMV.
Roy’s teaching specializes in different aspects of musical performance, instruction and study. He is able to hone his skills and help teach the next generation of musical superstars through this Teach Me Bass Guitar training program. His instructions are clear, concise and helpful, ideal for anyone learning to play bass guitar. Training with Roy Vogt gives the student both real life experience and technical ability in order for them to progress through the course and become an accomplished guitar player. He has taught students how to use these techniques when performing live, as well as tips on traditional chord changes. Training with Roy can open a number of different opportunities to anyone looking to break into the music industry. With his extensive jazz knowledge and technical ability, he has helped teach at the highest levels for numerous decades. Roy currently lives in Tennessee with his wife, son, and pets.

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